Somaliland:Somalia Intention is to Sabotage and Sanction Somaliland Development” Says Foreign Minister


Somaliland:Somaliland’s minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation
Mr.Sa’ad Ali Shire accused the AMISOM propped government of Somalia for
trying to sabotage Somaliland’s development and prosperity through
sanctions. The minister was speaking to the weekly Horn Newspaper to defendhimself from allegation made against him through the media by some members of parliament. The FM said that it was inappropriate for leaders to talk through the media and asked them to follow government channels of communication.

Speaking about the pilgrimage saga to Mecca by Somaliland nationals he said
“As I’m aware nothing has changed Somaliland’s ministry of religious
affairs is responsible with the affairs of the pilgrims so there is no ban
for Somaliland people to attend Hajj.”

Speaking about Somalia government interference on Somaliland pilgrimage
affairs Mr.Sa’ad stated “Somaliland willingly united with Somalia at
independence and after blatant oppressions and suppression of our citizens
rights, Somaliland decided to leave the union unconditionally. This is not
a new phenomenon; the Somalia always wanted to undermine the people of
Somaliland politically, economically. They want to subjugate our
aspirations but they will never succeed because Somaliland has every right
to become an independent sovereign state.

When asked if Somaliland relationship with the outside world has seen
turbulent changes he answered “The rapport between Somaliland and the
international community is cordial we always work hard to best our
relationship with all countries in the world. In this respect I call on the
global community to give Somaliland her due of recognition. We are not part
of Somalia and shall never be part and parcel of that country. We are two
countries with an international border between us and wish to become good
neighbors. The outside world knows the development Somaliland has reached
without any assistance from the any quarter. Somaliland will bide her time
until the world acknowledges her quest for international recognition is her

When asked if the Somalia regime takes control of the management of
Somaliland airspace what will happen he said “If what was agreed about the
management of the airspace of both countries is not implemented, Somaliland
will not allow her airspace violated and shall take measure to protect her
sovereign border.”

He called on members of parliament to stop airing their criticism through
the air waves and instead follow proper protocol channel to voice whatever
they feel need attention.