Somaliland/Somalia: Gulf States Orchestrating a Presidential Face to Face


 Presidents Silanyo & Hasan: one to oneBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Gulf States are fronting for a consensus between Somaliland and Somalia prior to the planned May conference in London.

Through ongoing diplomatic orchestrations by The United Arab Emirates-UAE and Qatar the consensus is expected to be reached at a meeting the two Gulf States are fronting between presidents Silanyo of Somaliland and Hasan of Somalia later this month.

According to reliable information availed Geeska Afrika newspaper and somalilandsun the plans were floated to, and accepted by the Somalia president during his just concluded visit of the Gulf States.

Though the planned meeting is yet to be made official our sources indicate that president Silanyo has been briefed through both gulf based diplomatic channels and a number of underlings.

The Somaliland president who is currently on an official visit in Turkey is reported to have received an invitation for talks with Gulf officials before he meets with his Somalia counterpart.

Despite having returned from a tour of the two countries recently president Hasan is said to have concluded plans for a second visit which shall coincide with the presence of President Silanyo both in the UAE and Qatar.

The two decades divorce of Somaliland and Somalia which had received lackluster attention from the Arab league prior to the Arab spring is set for good tidings as per new impetus from the Gulf States.

The desire by the Gulf states in ensuring that the Somaliland/Somalia talks are jumpstarted from the very successful stage reached between the Hargeisa administration and the Transitional Federal Government-TFG of Sheikh Sharif is further proof that the over 20 years Union Vs. Sovereign debate shall come to an end amicably.