Somaliland/Somali: Conference in London Will Not Deprive Somaliland Fundamental Rights as Nation


By: Abdilahi Ali Hassan JohnChevering House Talks venue again?

Somalilandsun – It has been totally deplorable matter or issues for the wrong misinterpretations and paranoid tremendous concerns from the opposition members of Somaliland intended to create misunderstanding and political confusion towards for the upcoming negotiations between Somaliland and Somalia in London UK on May this year that related to or based on Somaliland demand and also agenda with regards to the sovereignty and independence of Somaliland

nation that has been expressed fully the united Nations conventions internationally and also historical background of the two countries in the past or the amalgamation process that took place without condition with intention of or one goal of enormous unification of all Somali speaking parts in the year of 1960s when this marriage had been happening in that specific year of 1960s which unfortunately ended deadlock and unsuccessful of the proper union of Djibouti, Somali Galbeed known as Kilinka 5aad of Ethiopia today.

NFD Somalis in Kenya and also Somaliland and Somalia who have had a permanent divorce after 21 years later that Somaliland described catastrophic oppression period that resulted the death of millions of Somaliland people for the result of genocides, rapes and undiscriminating killing of elderly people, children, women and all kinds of human race.

I am not saying this kind of serious crimes have been committed by our brothers of southerners intentionally, but it was the responsibility and carnages of the previous regime led by deceased president of Somalia Mohamed Said Bare and the living members of his regime are accountable for what happened indeed that the conference and negotiations of Somalia and Somaliland is about these matters and many more issues definitely and what has gone wrong.

As matter of fact, what Somaliland come up with that negotiating table is not easy or the situation is not only discussion about the union of Somalia and Somaliland that uneducated people see through a distance where not far from their Nose. The entitlement and eligibility of Somaliland is absolutely constitutional that can not be denied by anybody on this universal in accordance with the referendum that Somaliland people approved over majority vote in the reign period of Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Igal presidency of Somaliland. Despite of deep strife of Somaliland population towards their national future or independence is absolutely nonnegotiable which nobody could pervert the course of justice of law at all and whoever attempts that will be committed national treason against the country and the people as well, who will have a very severe punishment sooner or later?

Let Somaliland put aside any phobia and nonsense talks specially that comes from the opposition bodies of Somaliland that use these baseless rubbish quote as weapons to paralyze domestically the regime of president Ahmed Siilaanyo who often deserves very certain level of respect as being the only big name politician figure living what so called Somaliland and Somalia as well for the time being who have got very tremendous experience, knowledge and mature leadership based on reliable, trustworthy, great value, friendly, flexible and consistent nationalism that none shares with him quite profoundly.

It is weary and worry that the none fundamentally petulant persuasion of some Somaliland opposition politicians tumultuously address the people of Somaliland for the untrue issues about on May Somaliland and Somali conference in London by creating unrest and political turmoil in the country where Somaliland regime will take every possible step with the full consent and transparent procedures or advices of the citizens, with their knowledge and full participation of the population for the matter, it is completely illegitimate action to carry out or implement process lack of above mentioned criteria. Therefore the opposition of Somaliland must abstain from the lies and the disorderly press conferences given carelessly and ignorantly to the nation without not having precise and brilliant information that the regime decided for it’s own without better consultations and effective meetings concerning the matter with the nation in order to avoid any errors and mismanagements to that process, Somaliland shares every piece of information to the Somaliland population and it is very compulsory to do so at any situation and any phase of this negotiations in the future and sharing any developments achieved for these talks meditated by the international communities

Somaliland must take into the account that matter which is not simple and yes or no, but it needs ongoing meetings and negotiations which Somaliland will state their objectives and unconditional sovereignty and independence and also presenting the maltreatment in the past to seek recognition of that and also compensation if possible. Because this talks will be included many different parts that short-sighted politicians of Somaliland will not totally comprehend at the moment at all. So importantly, it is great opportunity to give full backing and support to the regime of Somaliland in lieu of dealing with this situation for the correct and sincere representation of Somaliland population quite clear and transparent way.

Conclusively Somaliland/ Somali conference in London May 2013 will not deprive Somaliland their fundamental rights as independent state of Somaliland, however the irresponsible people must see the wider picture and diplomatically understand that the situation is not yes or no, and it is not also one issues, but Somaliland will go to the table with oppression and massacre destroyed or with extinct of millions of Somaliland people in the past.

While participants of the Somaliland side with conference will go there very clear and outlined points that has been proposed by the different parts of Somaliland nation all together as only one voice.

Abdilahi Ali Hassan John



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