Somaliland’s reckoning or Somalia’s atonement


By: Mohamed Hassan Yusuf

I am not whatsoever trying to seem august in giving these forecasts, as it is one of ALLAH’s (SWT) unique, unchallenged powers that he is all-knowing. Yet the theme of this write up is to shed light on the emerging developments in the realm of Somali politics to give discreet insight into the prospective entailments from the patterns of the Somaliland and Somalia recent talks.

It is not so much that you see such an eye-opening events unfolding in a lawless state like Somalia that has failed to contain, at the least, its spiralling jeopardies from affecting the outer world – piracy, terrorism, corruption, killing, looting, nepotism all the bad vocabularies will pop in one’s mind should they hear or see the name Somalia. A unique episode in the chapters of human life

Unprecedentedly, Somalia is a country that has been for two decades embroiled in civil wars, mainly affiliated to clan rivalry driven by self-centred power-maniacs who out of no justifiable principles chose to stain and taint the Somali race but for their personal gains. It comes as no surprise to see the world saying “enough is enough” and joining their forces together to put the multi-faceted saga to an end once and for all.

Somaliland-Somalia talks and the dynamics:


1. Has secured its territories in 1991 after bitter fight and ever since not taken any offenses against Somalia’s borders

2. Restored law and order in its land

3. Today far more developed then the rest of Somalia administratively, democratically, economically, militarily etc.

4. Will settle for nothing short of its ideals – mainly to stay separate from Somalia

5. Hopes for the best in achieving lasting solution for the Somali people who suffered enough of conflict and disgrace.

6. Engaged in talks with Somalia to ensure amicable ambiance is set for the two people to start over as two states and forget about the dreadful past.

7. Not ready to compromise on its pursuit of sovereignty with or without the consent of Somalia’s current and expected governments.


1. Submerged in conflicts for more than twenty years

2. Now coming up to see the light of hope for the first time

3. Strongly believing in the primitive philosophy that Somaliland and Somalia should stay united whilst letting go the rest of the Somali inhabited areas (NFD, Reserve Aria and Djibouti)

4. Somaliland talks topping its priorities as a means of getting it back

5. Weak in every notable aspect. (Administratively, financially etc.)

6. Drowned into a world record corruption – 70% of state money going to the wrong pockets.

7. Can’t seem to be capable of doing a proper in-house stabilization to stand on its feet – leaning heavily on foreign aid.

8. A long way to go before deciding on Somaliland – Somalia relations

Now having said all this, in the bilateral talks between Somalia and Somaliland, which one is on the volatile end?

Is Somaliland being intransigent or working-out a win-win solution where it can co-exist peacefully with Somalia as an equal neighbour?

Is it not Somalia bespeaking the impossible – even a cynic will agree that for all practical and logical reasons Somaliland cannot reverse a twenty-years trend of success in going a different direction from Somalia.

I am of the believe that this is a crucial and may be the last chance for Somalia to harness the on- going endeavours that are geared towards bringing it out of the gloom – accepting Somaliland as a distinguished state will have a significant effect on the these efforts.

Mohamed Hassan Yusuf

Hargeisa, Somaliland