Somaliland’s Foreign Policy: Constructive, Convincing and Contemporary


Eng. Hussein DeyrBy |Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|

UNITED KINGDOM (Somalilandsun) – One of the most remarkable and striking changes implemented by the Government of President Ahmed Silaanyo is the way in which his government operates and performs on the field of Foreign Policy and International Co-operations. With limited resources, manpower and tight budget, the Foreign Policy department has delivered an incredible achievement which silenced permanently all the hate mongers, pessimistic voices and misconceptions propagated by Somaliland’s enemies.

Looking back at Somaliland’s foreign and international relations policy of the past two years, with a sense of confidence and comfort I can say that this policy has impressively rewarded. It is a policy that has transformed our country from a completely introverted and isolated country into an internationally respected partner for peace, stability and democracy.

The diplomatic relations between countries cannot always be taken for granted. Due to economic, strategic or security grounds (raison d’être) the already existing diplomatic relations between any conceivable countries may change or get worse at any time. Therefore, in view of those hazardous and unpredictable security and geo-political issues (at regional and international level) as well as global economic challenges, to keep pace with the diplomatic relevant matters in the region and beyond, a broad-minded, flexible, well-structured and coherent foreign policy is of a paramount importance. A solid Foreign Policy with constructive, convincing and contemporary charm is vital for a young and yet recognition seeking country, like Somaliland Republic.

Further, in the contemporary diplomatic relations; awareness, vigilance and effective involvement are essential. You have got to make sure that you are never being absent in international stages and meetings in which are discussed issues that have to do with you. Never let others speak on your behalf. Because, missed opportunities never turn back. The Foreign Policy is a policy that needs continuous fine-tuning, updating and adjustment. You cannot complacently be still on the results that you have achieved in the past. Knowing the fact that in the past achieved result gives no assurance whatsoever in the future.

The recent Foreign Policy engagement of Somaliland’s government on regional and international political arena is an encouraging and promising sign for the realization of the long cherished dream of every Somaliland citizen: Recognition of the Somaliland Republic as an independent state in the midst of global community. The way in which the foreign affairs department manifested and its courageous approach is a real testament in the spirit of President Ahmed Silaanyo’s electoral promises to put Somaliland’s recognition case in place as an appeal for global understanding with international dimension.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation is a skilled top diplomat who is equipped with common sense of doing diplomThe FM ,Dr Mohamed A Omar is a skilled diplomat atic business. By right decision at the right time, by convenient approach and pre-emptive actions he avoids in advance any surprise or diplomatic failures. The achievements of foreign department is evidenced perfectly by the marvellous results and the rewarding outcomes on the field of foreign policy and international cooperation, that moment alone has justified it. The way in which the Minister has influenced the Somaliland’s foreign policy is indeed a sparkle of the kind of ingenuity, quality and brilliance of diplomatic skills that defines and decides the success parameters of modern foreign policy.

I am 100% convinced that the government of President Ahmed Silaanyo is resolutely determined to remain actively involved to all major diplomatic fronts without compromising upon the sovereignty and integrity of Somaliland Republic. Constructive approaches, broad public consultation, breaking through the diplomatic barriers, reshaping the detached and cautious policy and what formerly was regarded as a political and diplomatic taboo are the face-defining of the current Somaliland foreign policy which makes it so distinctive and exceptional.

To those ill-informed, politically and morally estranged opposition politicians (if there are any!), to those self-styled ‘political analysts’ without concept, to those incompetent and failed ex-officials of Somaliland government and to those chronic hate-monger figures and their allies; instead of seeking altercation, recrimination and recurring despair attacks against the President of Somaliland and the government he leads, come up with a decent and civilized political articulacy, welPresident Gelle (R) receives Dr Mohamed Abdilahi/filel measured and more constructive debates that can be part of the cause for our nation and can contribute to the advancement of our country’s future challenges.

Finally, one thing that I can say with certainty is the fact that the majority of Somaliland people and the rest of the world are unanimously united and agree to acknowledge and value the exemplary foreign policy of the Republic of Somaliland which is constructive, convincing and contemporary policy.

May ALLAH (SXWT) protect the true and genuine patriot!

By |Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|