Somaliland’s APO issues statement about the ongoing political tensions


Hargeisa (Somalilandsun)- The Alliance of Political Organizations of Somaliland issued a press release today discussing the conclusion of the first phase of the registration of political organizations.

The Alliance issued the press release after The committee for the Registration of political organizations and the approval of national parties awarded the temporary certificate to the 15 organizations that passed the first round of registration.

The press release jointly signed by the Spokesman of the Alliance of Somaliland Political Organizations, Dr. Saleeban Ise Ahmed Xaglo Toosiye, and the Secretary of the Alliance, Eng Hamse Hassan Oday, stresses that while following the political environment in the Republic of Somaliland, the Alliance commends the work done by the Committee for the Registration of political organizations and the approval of national parties.

Below is the press release issued by the Alliance of the Political Organizations;

“On the occasion of this important day, the 18th August 2022, in which the Committee for Registering Political Organizations and Approving political Parts of the Republic of Somaliland, celebrates the conclusion of the first round of the registration process with 15 Political organizations that successfully completed the requirements and that will receive certificates for their accomplishment, the Alliance of the Political Organizations (lsbahaysiga ururrada Siyaasadda)  would like to sincerely thank the Committee for the dedication, understanding, and cooperation with which they offered their services to the members of the Alliance

Being aware of the currently tense political atmosphere in the Republic of Somaliland, we hail the achievement of the Committee as an important milestone that will push forward the anticipated electoral process and ease up the ongoing tension. While exercising due diligence in upholding Law No. 14, the law that regulates political organizations and political parties, the Committee earnestly did their work and announced the results at an opportune moment.

Since law No.14 dearly stipulates that in every 10 years, new political organizations can be formed six months before the deadline in which the licenses of the national political parties end, the Committee started its work within the time limit when it announced the beginning of the process on 27 June 2022.

Two national elections, namely the presidential election and the election of the three national parties have fallen with the same period. This coincidence has created a political tension and a legal dispute While the current three national parties argue that the presidential election must be held first as it falls on 13th November 2022, Law No. 14 overrules that as It states, in no uncertain terms, that both the national parties and political organizations must begin their contest six month prior to the date the licenses of the national parties expire.

Considering both the point of law and the easiest way to resolve the political dispute, the Alliance believes that it is practical and wise to hold the election of the political organization and political parties that involves all sides and that paves the way for the three national parties that will contest the presidential election. We will closely work with the Committee in that sprit and we hope to complete this democratic process calmly and successfully. May the best party win.

Best Regards

Mr Sulieman Esse Xaglotoosiye                             Eng Hamse Hassan Oday

The Speaker of the Committee                             The Secretary of the Committee