Somaliland:Puntland President Calls on the International Community Interventions for Somaliland to Return the Seized Military Hardware and Prisoners from the Tukaraq War


Somalilandsun:The president of Puntland Mr.Abdiweli Gaas has called on the international
community to intervene and ask Somaliland to return some military armor and
prisoners of war captured from the Puntland administration during last week
Tukaraq war. A letter written to foreign diplomats based in Nairobi suggested that the Tukaraq war will only stop if Somaliland accomplishes two demands the first being that Somaliland should return the spoils of war from the Tukaraq war between Somaliland army and Puntland militia. Somaliland repossessed many military hardware from the ragtag militia of
Somalia they consist of armored mounted vehicles,rocket propelled grenades,
a tank and many small arms. Also many prisoners were captured from the
Somalia funded Puntland militia.

Another point in the letter was that Somaliland army should leave Tukaraq.
According to information the Horn Newspaper obtained from Garowe confirmed
that president Abdiweli Gaas is fight tooth and nail to save his skin
following mounting public pressure following the heavy losses he incurred
at the hands of Somaliland army.

Our sources confirmed many military officers from the elite Puntland army
died in the war amongst them was the well known presidential palace
commandant Mr.Hussein Tooray.

All in all the people of Puntland have called on Mr.Abdiweli Gaas to stop
the senseless war he is initiating against the Republic of Somaliland. However
the Puntland president has other thing in mind he wants to benefit from the
political opportunity created by the Tukaraq war to continue clinging to


  1. Very cheap and fabricated news =FAKE NEWS, it shows Somaliland are scared, because they underestimated the HARTI Military Force , and now there is no point of return Isaaqs sounds very Scared because it’s clear not only they loose Sool region, but could be at END of what we so Called “Somaliland”