Somaliland:President Meets Abaarso Tech Graduates at the Presidential Mansion


Somalilandsun:The head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has held an extraordinary meeting with some graduates from Abaarso Tech, teachers and members of the parents’
teachers committee. The meeting was held at Hargeisa’s presidential palace. The president was flanked by the minister of education Mr.Yassin Haji Mohammud Hiir (Faraton), presidential advisor for communication technology Mr.Ibrahim Dahir Dubad, the presidential advisor for women affairs Mrs.Amal Haji Ahmed Yassin and member of the parents teachers association

The president was briefed about the history of the school, and the
different steps it had taken to mould important members of the society. The
commander in chief was informed that many graduates sent to Ivy League
institutions had returned to the country with the relevant skills they had
be implanted with. Abaarso sponsors many Somaliland born students to join
top American Universities.

Abaarso School administrators confirmed to the president that many student
from Somaliland that had won scholarship have passed with flying colors in
the universities they were enrolled.

Two students from the institution namely Hamse Faisal Aabi and Ubah Abdi
Ali said that all students who graduate from abroad have come back to
country to benefit their country and people with the knowledge they have

The president promised that the government is ready to stand by Abaarso in
whatever endeavors they are accomplishing since the school is producing
bright students who will bring victory to Somaliland with their expertise.

“I’m very pleased to learn that our students have outperformed their peers
in universities abroad. I congratulate you for carrying the reputation of
Somaliland student to another level.

Abaarso tech student is located west of the capital of Somaliland,
Hargeisa. The students from the school are accepted in American
universities such as Connecticut, Yale, Massachusetts, Harvard , Columbia,
New York, Brown, Rhode Island and Amherst.




  1. The President met the graduates from Abaarso School located in Abaarso Village, not from Abaarso Tech University. It is Abaarso School that has so many students receiving scholarships. Abaarso Tech University is using the Abaarso name and a similar logo, but the 2 organizations are not related.