Somaliland:President Holds Impromptu Tour at Ministry of Information and National Guidance


Somalilandsun: The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi paid a courtesy call at the
ministry of information, culture and national guidance. The head of state
was accompanied with a quorum of MPs and the director general in the office
of the president Mr.Mohammed Ali Bile.

The commander in chief was welcomed by the minister of information Mr.
Abdirahman Farah (Guri-Barwaqo) and his assistant Mr.Mohammed Musa Abees.

President Musa visited important installations at the ministry such as the
Somaliland National Television (SLNTV) studio, Radio Hargeisa, Somaliland
News Agency (SOLNA) offices, archive storage facility, the solar power
supply station and other important venues of the ministry.

The ministry staff informed the president about the different roles the
ministry of information, culture and national guidance play in national
building and the challenges facing it. The president was on a fact finding
mission so that he could gauge for himself the real situation befalling the
ministry and if there are challenging help it find solutions. He promised
to help the ministry get rid of all challenges facing it without hesitation.

After the inspection the president and the ministry top echelons addressed
staff. Top official present at the venue were the managing director of
SLNTV Mr.Musa Farah Jambir, DG ministry of Information Mr.Ali Mohammed Ali.

The minister informed the president that his staff is doing whatever in
their power to uplift the reputation of the nation to new heights.

Minister Guri Barwaqo thanked the head of state four finding time to know
the challenges the ministry is facing first hand instead of through
hearsay. He stated that the ministry had already written a report
concerning the general situation of the ministry to the president and he
followed up with the tour which is very encouraging to the moral of all
staff members.

“The president has seen for himself the way things are here, whatever was
in our report the president has seen and there was no exaggerations
whatsoever on our writings. This ministry is very important because it ‘s
the eyes and ears of this nation so it needs a lot of investment in terms
of manpower, physical, and monetary resources for it to work.”

The head of state thanked the ministry of information employees for
sacrificing a lot for this nation even though they do not receive much in
terms of salary.

“I have never had any poet, musician, journalist or technical staff of the
ministry of information that had left material things for their children to
inherit but they only leave a name for example Abdillahi Qarshe, Hussein Aw
Farah, and Tima’ade to name a few.” The president said.

This tour comes after many others the president has made in the other
government and private institutions since he took the mantle of the country