Somaliland:President Celebrate Eid Ul Fitr with Hargeisa Inhabitants


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi attended the Eid prayers at
Hargeisa’s ancient Jama’a Mosque. The head of state was accompanied by some
members of his cabinet, security personnel from the different branches of
the armed forces and crème de la crème of the society.

The minister of religious endowment Sheikh Khalil Abdillahi Ahmed gave a
sermon about the importance of fearing almighty Allah in all undertakings.
He also preached about advantages of a united country in fostering
development and peaceful consistence.

The minister urged Somaliland nationals to foster Islamic principle and
live together as brothers. “Today is a happy day since we are celebrating
Eid-ul-fitr we have to work together to promote peaceful coexistence
between different communities to improve our way of living the government
is on the fore front to make sure that the country citizens develop in
every aspects of their lives.

The president also took to the pulpit to call on the people of Somaliland
to unite for peace and development here are his words “I pray for our Lord
Allah to accept our endeavors to fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Oh!
Allah accepts our prayers. Bless this land and nation with peace and
prosperity. And accept this prayer we pray in this congregation.”

The president affirmed that Somaliland as a nation is ready to promote
peaceful coexistence with her neighbors. He said that whatever conflict
that exists internally will be solved amicable.

“The Horn of Africa region is not ready for conflicts on her door steps;
furthermore the Somalis are tied of war and conflict and aspire for
development and a better life for their families.”

Traditionally after the Eid prayers the head of state hosted an Eid feast
at the presidential palace where by children; youths and the elders were
entertained to a sumptuous Somali food.