Somaliland:President Bihi’ Targets Somalia In Whirlwind Tour of Eastern Region


Somalilandsun:The president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi arrived back in Hargeisa after completion of his whirl wile tour in the country’s five other regions excluding Marodijeeh. During the visit the head of state passed by all the administrative capitals of these regions and important towns where by he met with leaders and residents of these provinces. The commander in chief gave talks to the inhabitants of all the places he toured. The
head of state in all the speeches to most of the regions pertained the
Somalia government except in Odweine district where he spoke about the
government development agenda and projects it is implementing in that


When the president arrived in Burao he touched on the government of
Somalia leader Mr.Farmajo he said “These young man from Mogadishu
talked about Somaliland at the security council calling on the
international community to restrain us. We also inform the Mr.Aferworki
that Somaliland had to endure more than what his country experienced to
regain her independence. Somaliland will never unite with Somalia come
rain come shine. Those dreaming to unite the Somali nation are wasting
their time Somalis will never come together again. Once bitten twice
shy; Somaliland will never be fooled into reunification with Somalia.


In Ainabo town the head of state speech had anti- Somalia sentiments he
stated “We only have one foe and that is the government in Mogadishu
led by Mr.Farmajo. He is the architect of all the problems affecting
Somalia today. When he came to power many Somalis were optimistic that
he will bring change. The people of all the Somalia regions celebrated
that a youthful president has been voted into power however they were in
for a rude shock the same person has turned to a venomous adversary to
his people. People thought that a new brain has come to power but that
was not the case today all problems afflicting the Somalia regions has
been engineered by Mr. Farmajo. The fire that Mr.Farmajo has rekindled
in Somalia territories he wants to export it to Somaliland.”


In Lasanod the president toned down his speech he said “Our Somalia
brothers we wish you the best in your future endavours and we greet you
with the handshake of peace may we dwell in harmony. Today Somaliland
has no ill feeling about what transpired during the war. Somaliland has
moved forward. A war that took place a long time ago should be forgotten
and we should think of establishing brotherly development through
cooperation and trust.”


The commander in chief also toured the Tukaraq hamlet whereby the
government of Somaliland army is based at the front line. The army is
protecting Somaliland from constant incursions into her territory by the
Puntland region of Somalia. The president told the Somaliland armed
forces these words “Our brothers on the other side of the border
Puntland we have no ill will against you so please stop attacking us
without any provocations. We don’t hate you we just want to live peace
please let us be we pray Almighty Allah answers our prayers.”

From Tukaraq the president went to El-Afwein whereby he reconciled to
warring clans who were fighting between themselves.


Speaking in Erigavo the president said “We will not accept Somalia
notion because my country is burning come burn with me or else we shall
burn with you and drag you with us to the fire that is total insanity
Somaliland will not accept.”