Somaliland:President Bihi Meets with Young innovators at his Office


Somalilandsun: The head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has met with fourteen young innovators
who have made a niche in their sector of expertise. The youngsters from
different Somaliland regions were invited to the president official
residence for motivation.

According to news reaching our news desk the youths from both genders had
come up with new inventions. The youths had invented many useful things
from leather shoes, electronics appliances, solar panels, designer clothes
and software applications.

The president promised the youth that the government will see through that
their brainchild does not wallow to waste. He added that his administration
has already earmarked a budget to support youth’s innovations and

“It is an honor for you to come in office with something I’m very proud of
new inventions I want you to become an example to our youths so that they
too can take a lesson from you.” The president said.

By:Guled Abdi Mahir