Somaliland:Parliament Approves Minister of Education and Somaliland Quality Control Agency Officials


Somalilandsun:The House of Representatives have voted to approve the recent appointed
minister of education and the quality control agency top official. Today’s
session which was chaired by the speaker of the house Hon.Bashe Mohammed
Farah passed the approval of three government officials appointed in a
recent cabinet reshuffle.

The officials are the minister of education Mr.Osman Jama Adam, the vice
chairlady of Somaliland quality control agency Mrs.Amal Abdi Hassan and a
member of the agency Mr.Mohammed Ismael Dhimbil.

The secretary general of the house Hon.Abdirisak Saeed Ayanle read the
biographies of the appointees, which was followed by a speech by the
minister of education who revealed his agenda for the term of his
appointment. The trio received 50 votes each

By: Guled Abdi Mahir