Somaliland:National Quality Control Agency Remove Expired Drinks from the Market


Somalilandsun:Somaliland National Quality Control Agency has received expired juices
from an import export company in Hargeisa. The chairman of the quality
control agency Mr.Musa Hassan Haji Yusuf received from Horn and Gulf
company juices with lacking manufacture and expiry date imported into the

Speaking to Somaliland News Agency ( reporters the chairman
stated that the afore mentioned consignment had no clear labeling to show
their date of manufacture or expire hence the public health could be
compromised had the juices reached consumers bellies.

Following concerted investigation by the ministry of foreign affairs to
ascertain where the juices came from it was revealed Egypt was the
destination. After follow up enquiries the juices company was found to be a
fraud and non-existent.

The Somaliland Quality Control Agency boss praised Gulf and Horn Company
for being responsible since they approached the agency and confirmed their
suspicions of the origin of the drinks.

Master Musa said that on the coming days he will hand over the suspicious
consignment to the Hargeisa City Council health department for destruction.