Somaliland:Ministry of Education Bans Opening of New Private Schools in the Country


Somalilandsun:The new minister of education Mr.Osman Jama Adam has issue a ministerial
decree banning the opening of new private schools. The decree which reached
Somaliland sun news desk read “The ministry of education which is charged
with streamlining the quality of education in the country through the new
education law 77/2018 which seeks to bring sanity in the sector that has
been neglected for along time. The ministry putting into perspective the
need to improve the quality of education in the country and while the same
time aware of the shortages of educational facilities in the country
orders all regional educational chairmen to make sure this order has been
implement. No new license will be issued to new private schools. The other
government department should help the ministry to implement this directive
so that the quality of our children education could be uplifted.

The directive was forwarded to commissioner of police, the director general
for private education at the ministry of education, regional governors,
director general of education and the assistant minister of education.

The minister directive come hot in the heels of mushrooming private schools
in the country which have questionable agenda. Many have been opened to
milk the unsuspecting public of their hard earned money without
reciprocating with quality knowledge. They have unqualified teacher at
their disposal making Somaliland educational environment the worst in

By: Guled Abdi Mahir