Somaliland:Ministry of Education and Communication Technology Top Officials Hold Meeting to Counter Cheating in National Examination


Somalilandsun:Somaliland’s Ministry of Education and her Communication and Technology
counterpart held a meeting in Hargeisa to stop examination candidates from
cheating using the social media platform. According to information reaching Somaliland News Agency ( the ministry of education had to the this drastic approach following the start of Somaliland National
Examination for Primary and Secondary School.

The ministry had to do something because of prevalence of social media has
made cheating in examinations much easier.

The Somaliland National Examination and Certification Board chairman
Mr.Daud Ahmed Farah has promised to eradicate cheating in national exams. A
source close to confirmed that Mr.Daud was behind the move to
close down social media during the time of examination.