Somaliland:How the Public Gauged President Bihi Decision to Cancel Nationalization of State Institutions


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has been in office for 241
days. On Saturday this week the head of state decreed the nationalization
of three governmental services that had fallen into the wrong hands through
corrupt officials. The three are Berbera oil storage facility, Egal
international Airport security services and parking, which some private
companies were managing. Worse still these firms were awarded the contracts
without competitive bidding; hence they were being used to fatten some
people close to the corridors of power.

President Bihi revoked the contracts of these three companies BOG, SRM and
EPASS terming them illegal since there is no law in place to legalizing
state/private joint ventures. He also revealed that the procedure that was
followed in the privatization of these government services were simply
dubious in nature, since it goes against public interests.

The president went further to appoint a committee comprising state
officials to evaluate the real amount of money that the three companies
made during their tenure of management. The committee will value if the
companies invested any money into the project or if they owe the government
any monies due to the investment they put into the project.

According to public opinion the president has scored a lot of marks, since
he came to power by promising his supporters that he will sweep the room
clean. As the adage goes new brooms sweep clean the president meant
whatever he said. During the last presidential election in November the
president promised to rid the country of endemic corruption and cronyism
which had taken root in the country. He campaign slogan was “Vote for a
Decisive President” hence people thronged to polling stations to vote for
president Bihi.

The president decision ushers Somaliland into the dawning of a new era
whereby corruption will not be entertained. The plan is going well as for
now the people thirst of good leadership is unquenchable, hence for a start
is encouraging sign that the country is on the right tract.

The. president edict number RSL/XM/WM/222-178/082018 was the talk of town in
every tea shop and public space in Hargeisa and other cities of Somaliland
including the cyber space which was awash with praises of president Bihi.
It even surpassed the goings on in the region like the Abiy Ahmed changes
and the skirmishes in our doorsteps the zone five Somali region of Ethiopia
which is on fire.

Political pundits say that the president action is a slap on the face for
some ministers who were considered untouchable during the previous
administration and who had made the habit of stealing from the public.

People in the know urge the president to show brave face and go after the
many institution seized from government control by these unscrupulous
elements they cited the electricity utility company and other many
government assets stolen by wicked individuals during the former

The government should come up with a law that bans the enrichment of
people using state apparatus.

President Musa should rest assured that decisiveness is the first step to
good governance the route he has steered Somaliland will forever be etched
in people memories as the leader who started the war on corruption. He has
shown he can be trusted just like Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia who has embarked
on journey to change the Ethiopia for the better.


  1. Good step but there are doubts on our minds he might fatten his own cronies with this new taken ventures.
    We had alot of faith in him at the begginingt but when we saw his appointments including 40 of his own saad musas its seem stupid to place faith in him.
    I feel sorry hj”s being grouped this president as (jeeganta) whereas he gave then the finger and instead went for his own sm. Itd time for hj especiallu Mohd abokor to weak up and stand for there right.
    The other disturbing issue seems the rest of the country being forgotten and all the resources and foreign aids ending up in Hargeise and the western towns.