Somaliland:High Court Listen to Election Petition Filed by Mohamed Musa Abees


Somalilandsun:The high court yesterday started listening to an election petition filed by
Mr. Mohammed Musa Abees against his rival Mr.Hussein Ahmed Aideed. The two
politicians are wrangling for a parliamentary seat left vacant by the late
politician Hon.Ibrahim Ahmed Haybe.

The assistant minister of information culture and national guidance filed
the petition following the Somaliland Electoral Commission (SLNEC) decision
to name Hon.Hussein Ahmed Aideed as the heir of the seat left vacant by
Hon.Ibrahim Ahmed Haybe.

The petition was presided by five high court judges led by the chief
justice Mr.Adam Ali Ahmed. During the hearing the lawyer representing
Mr.Mohammed Musa Abees whose name was given as Mr.Adam Ahmed Musa defended
his client. Hon.Hussein Ahmed Aideed represented himself. The high court
stated that it will deliberate on the case after hearing both sides