Somaliland:Government Reveals International Community Will Continue to Channel Aid into Somaliland


Somalilandsun:The minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Mr.Sa’ad Ali
Shire has confirmed that nothing has changed concerning the assistance
granted to Somaliland by the international community. He also revealed that
Somaliland plight of international recognition cannot be ignored for long
as the country has fulfilled all requirements for independence and

“We have been seeking international recognition for the past 27 years but
we have not yet been accepted by the community of nations. However no one
is against the sovereignty of Somaliland even though it is a country with a
working government that has all the ingredients of a democratic nation from
the executive, legislature and judiciary. Somaliland has fulfilled all
requirements for recognition by the international community. When we meet
foreign diplomats and tell them about the plight of Somaliland they
acknowledge it.”

Somaliland has every right to be recognized since her situation is
different from other African countries, for instance Somaliland in her own
volition opted to join with Italian Somali colony and following an ill
fated union in her own volition decided to terminate that unity.

Minister Sa’ad went on to say that the Brussels meeting for Somalia will
not have any impact on Somaliland determination to become an independent

“That meeting in Belgium is for Somalia and many of her regions. The
meeting does not concern Somaliland whatsoever. The international community
is drumming for aid to help Somalia and that money will not reach
Somaliland. There was another meeting of this kind which was held in
London, England in May of 2017 that Somaliland did not participate. Somalia
does not channel any development aid into Somaliland. The Somaliland
government receives aid from some big countries which are ready to continue
supporting it with development assistance.”