Somaliland:Gandi Public Library Land and Hargeisa Club Back in Government Hands


Somalilandsun:The ministry of public works and housing has stopped construction work
going on in a land adjacent to Hargeisa Central Police Station. The land used to house a famous public library known as Gandi. The land in question was grabbed by the family of Farah Harbi who owns the Harbi Enterprises. According to confidential information reaching Somaliland sun confirms that
the public plot has been returned to government possession. All construction works that was in the process has been stopped by the ministry of public works and housing which took control of the public land.

As we went to press our resourcefulness to reach the Harbi family proved
futile. There was no official government statement concerning the
cancellation of the Harbi family title deed. However the people in the
know suggest this is president Bihi campaign to restore all government
properties stolen by the remnants of the former administration.

This move comes hot in the heels of last week seizures of government
institutions in private hands, for instance Berbera Oil Terminal and Egal
International Airport security services and parking.

In another development the ancient Hargeisa Club which had been leased for
20 years by the former president of Somaliland Dahir Rayale Kahin has been
taken back by the government. Construction works that was ongoing on the
piece of public land was stopped and the contractors chased away.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir