Somaliland:Former President Silanyo Back the Country


Somalilandsun:The former president of Somaliland Mr.Ahmed Mohammed Mohammud (Silanyo) jetted back in the country following a long sojourn in Dubai, UAE. Upon his
arrival at Egal International Airport he was received by his former
lieutenants. According to sources close to the former president confirmed
that his visit is a come together function with his former ministers and
close aides.

The former president ruled over Somaliland at a time when inflation was the
order of the day. He also had under him a multitude of corrupt ministers
who ran amok and grabbed as many public lands as possible.

This is according to a local vernacular website called Berbera today that
we seconded the news. The portal news outlet revealed that the former
president built a state of the art mansion in Dubai with the monies stolen
from state coffers.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir


  1. Somaliland Diaspora Press Statement

    We the Somaliland Diaspora are very saddened to hear that the Xumboweyne(Humboweyne) Dam Project has failed and that there is no Water in Xumboweyne Dam. This makes us very sad to find out.

    We call on the Somaliland Police and Judiciary to arrest the owner of the company who built the dam.

    We have seen no benefits from UAE being in Somaliland, there was only Humboweyne and now that has failed.

    Kulmiye has let down its supporters and the people of Somaliland with fake projects.

    We will organise massive protests against Muuse Bihi government if it does not fix Humboweyne dam, NOW.