Somaliland:Foreign Minister Speaks about the Ethiopian Government Acquisition of Stake at Djibouti Port


Somalilandsun:The government of Somaliland has opened the lid about the acquisition of
shares at Djibouti International Port by the Ethiopians. This is because
the Ethiopian government had signed a 19% share for Berbera International
Port. The foreign minister Mr.Sa’ad Ali Shire speaking on behalf of the
government of Somaliland stated that the bilateral agreement concerns the
two countries. He went on to clarify that the government needs only to
develop Berbera Port so that it could compete with others along the Red Sea.

In another development minister Sa’ad speaking to the Horn Newspaper in an
exclusive interview touched on Somaliland independence and the difference
between Somaliland and Somalia; the foreign minister reiterated that
Somaliland will never play second fiddle to Somalia. He called on the
international community to recognize Somaliland.

“Somaliland is seeking recognition from the international community and not
only from Great Britain. The independence of Somaliland does not depend
only on her past but from the global community. Somaliland has every right
to be recognized as a sovereign state. It has fulfilled all requirements
for an independent nation. We have a right for recognition by the
international community. In retrospect Somaliland and Somalia unification
was not lawful there are no documentations whatsoever binding Somaliland
into a nonexistent unification. Come rain come shine Somaliland will never
again be hoodwinked into a union with Somalia. The international community
should recognize Somaliland without strings attached.” Dr. Sa’ad stated.

The minister highlighted the difference between Somaliland and Somalia he
said that Somaliland is a peaceful and tranquil country whereas Somalia is
a country engulfed with chaos and animosity. The foreign minister stated
that Somaliland is ahead in terms of development, good governance and
democratic institutions while Somalia is the worst violator of individual
right and corruption is the order of the day.