Somaliland:Finance Ministry Reveals that Awdal Province Scoops Second Position in Revenue Collection


Somalilandsun:The minister of finance Mr.Yusuf Mohammed Abdi has confirmed that Awdal
region is in second position when it comes to tax contribution into the
state coffers. He was speaking during a press conference he held in his
office attended by Somaliland News Agency ( He praised the
ministry employees in Awdal province for a job well done. He added that
they are shining example to other ministry staff.

Minister Yusuf especially singled out the head of revenue in Awdal province
Mr.Mohammed Dua’ale Hassan. He went on to say that despite of many
economical problems and other disasters affecting the region Awdal province
contributed the highest chunk into the treasury since Somaliland became

The second position was initially held by Togdheer region, which has been
now out stripped of the title. The minister added that he will reward the
top two ministry officials in the region.