#Somalilandelections2021: President Bihi Solicits Votes for Kulmiye Party in Burao

#Somalilandelections2021: President Bihi Solicits Votes for Kulmiye Party in Burao
Kulmiye colours nationwide as President Bihi brings party campaigns for the Somaliland elections 2021 to end

Somalilandsun: The ruling Kulmiye party concluded its parliamentary and local Councils elections 2021 in Toghdeer region.
With party officials spearheading campaign activities in various venues in Sool, Maroodi-jeeh, Awdal, Sahil, and Sanaag, President Musa Bihi who is also party chair was in Burao the Toghdeer regional capital.
Urging the assembled supporters to vote for all the parliamentary and local Councils seats aspirants, sponsored by Kulmiye, President Bihi said the party had proven its development agenda.

The head of state and other Kulmiye party leaders all mostly civil servants reiterated the imperatives of a “Peaceful ballot” that will unite and not destroy the nation”
As per the six days three parties campaign schedule released by the national elections commission-NEC the ruling party launched its electioneering for the Somaliland parliamentary and local Councils elections 2021 on the 24th May.

#Somalilandelections2021: President Bihi Solicits Votes for Kulmiye Party in Burao
Kulmiye party supporters in Erigavo Sanaag region

The rallies were flagged at a mammoth function officiated by its chairman cum Somaliland president Musa Bihi in Hargeisa.

With two days of rest the ruling party saw its focus set in the east of the country with President Bihi and senior officials pitching tent in the Sahil region capital on the 26th a day prior to allotted.
Though not addressed in any official circles this move was seen as a covert electioneering by the President abd ruling party .
The rallies in which aspirants and Kulmiye officials entreated party supporters for votes were held in Hargeisa, Borama, Erigavo, Las Anod, Berbera, Odweyne, Aynaba, Sheikh, Gabiley, Bali-gubadle, Salahley, Zeila among the 23 electoral districts
It is from the Sahil regional capital, Berbera, the Kulmiye leadership’s launching pad for eastern regions (Toghdeer) that, the wagon moved to Burao for the ruling party’s official and last campaign were brought to an end by President Bihi on the 27th.

#Somalilandelections2021: President Bihi Solicits Votes for Kulmiye Party in Burao
Toghdeer region was all Kulmiye party colours on the 27th May 2021

The first ever Somaliland joint local Councils and parliamentary elections will be held on the 31st May 2021 under supervision by NEC.
There are 82 parliamentary and 249 local Councils seats at stake contested by 246 and 747 candidates respectively
The Kulmiye party has sponsored 82 prospective members of parliament in the six electoral regions.
Similarly the Somaliland ruling party has sponsored 249 aspiring councillors representing the 23 electoral districts.

Somaliland elections 2021 factsheet

The combined total of 993 candidates in the Somaliland parliamentary and local councils 2021 Elections are after the over 1,200,000 votes to be cast at the 1642 polling stations set up and staffed nationwide by NEC.
To ascertain a free, fair and peaceful election exercise are over 900 local and international observers, while the Police force has seconded 7000 officers to NEC.