Somaliland:Diplomatic Relationship the Late President of Somaliland Egal Initiated with Eritrea


Somalilandsun:The late president of Somaliland Mr.Mohammed Haji Ibrahim Egal upon his
election in 1993 his embarked on a diplomatic adventure to initiate
friendship with all countries in the Horn of Africa region. His first
foreign trip abroad was Kenya whereby he had close relationship with the
then president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and his second was in Eritrea. On
his return from Kenya president Egal touched down in Asmara where he was
accorded a red carpet invitation at the airport and was received in person
by president of Eritrea H.E Isaias Afawerki.

President Egal was accompanied by some members of his cabinet. In his
Eritrean visit Mr.Egal scored diplomatic success after initiating bilateral
relationship between Somaliland and Eritrea.

He then received official invitation from the Federal Government of
Ethiopia from the late PM Meles Zenawi.

When Addis Ababa and Asmara went to war the late president Egal tried to
mediate between the two countries taking advantage of his good rapport with
the leaders of two countries. He played the diplomatic card hence he
immediately sent letters to PM Meles and Afawerki.

The countries in the Horn of Africa then exerted pressure on Asmara.
President Egal sent to Asmara a two man delegation which was led by his
foreign minister and the minster in the office of the president Mr.Salaah
Nuur Fagadhe and Abdullah Mohammed Dua’le respectively.

The delegation carried a letter from president Egal addressed to the
president of Eritrea Mr.Isias Afawerki and the content of the letter stated
that Somaliland was ready to mediate between the two countries.

Nevertheless there was a diplomatic relation the late president Egal
contacted Eritrea even though things went south when the situation in the
Horn of Africa changed.

At present the situation in the Horn of Africa has changed and Eritrea and
Ethiopia have buried their hatchet the question that now lingers in our
head is does the current Somaliland president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi have a
plan to restore the diplomatic relationship Somaliland once enjoyed with
Eritrea that was scattered by the winds of animosity?