Somaliland:Britain Confirms Cooperation with her Former Colony Somaliland


Somalilandsun:According to reports reaching Somaliland News Agency ( from reliable sources confirm that the British government discussed Somaliland
agenda on the floor of parliament. The Secretary for International Development Penny Mordaunt was quizzed about why Britain is not cooperating with Somaliland which has a historical friendship with Britain that dates back to centuries.

The SOLNA report further stated that a British member of parliament whose
name was given as Hon.Bob Sterwart who represent South East London
Constituency of Beckenham from the Conservative Party. Mr. Stewart asked
Secretary Penny Mordaunt why Britain has ignored Somaliland which was
earlier known as British Somaliland. He added that has visited Somaliland
in person and knows it very well.

The British secretary for international development thanked the MP for
asking about Somaliland. He revealed that her majesty government assists
Somaliland in economic development and humanitarian aid. The British also
help Somaliland to maintain her security and fight against terrorism in the
region. The secretary revealed that the British government helps Somaliland
Electoral Commission with funds for the elections.

Hon.Bob Sterwart is a former colonel in the British army and has been in
the British parliament since his election in 2010, his amongst the members
of the British Parliament that support Somaliland Independence from the
rogue Somalia regime.

The British government sponsored the international observers that oversaw
the November 2017 presidential election of Somaliland and were amongst the
governments that confirmed that the elections in Somaliland were free and