Somaliland: Youths Disrupt Meeting of President Silanyo Supporting Traditional Leaders


Among them now nursing injuries Suber Awal Clan leaders meeting of support to president Silanyo at Mansoor Hotel Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A number of traditional leaders from the Suber Awal clan are nursing injuries in various hospitals and homesteads in Hargeisa.

The injuries occurred after youths stormed a meeting the traditional leaders were conducting to proclaim the support of the Suber Awal clan to the presidency of Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo at Mansoor hotel.
those uninjured among the Traditional leaders namely Sultans and Aqils (Chiefs) later held a press conference in which they proclaimed their entire clan’s support to the president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and his bid for a second term starting from mid 2015.
Though unsubstantiated sources indicate that the attack by the youths is closely related to the recent power struggle within the ruling Kulmiye party that saw party chairman Musa Bihi challenge a second Silanyo term.

According to Waheen the youths whose mission of total destruction was put on check by police were among participants of meeting held at the Crown Hotel with the objective of planning the attack.
Lately it has become the norm for anybody with political or any other differences to utilize brutality and if unchecked consequences might sprawl out of control.
This is the second known incident of youths physically roughing up traditional leaders in Somaliland following a similar Burao town episode in 2012.