Somaliland: Youth Severely Injures Friend after Squabbling Over Election Results


While 18 police officers are nursing injuries sustained after recent election related riots in Burao and Hargeisa

Somaliland presidential elections 2017

Somalilandsun – The heated debate over which party won the just concluded presidential elections continue to heat up, a young man has sustained severe gunshot injuries inflicted by a fiend
According to the presidency minister Mahmud Hashi Abdi the injured boy is receiving medical attention at the Hargeisa hospital while his assailant is in police custody.
The minister made the revelations at the hospital where he also informed that 18 police officers are also nursing injuries sustained during fracases that ensued in Burao and Hargeisa after news of vote rigging in favour of Kulmiye party were made public by Wadani party officials.
Reports indicate that the injured youth and his detained colleague who are life long friends came to their current predicaments after disagreements as pertains winner of the presidential elections.
One supported ruling Kulmiye while the other is a Wadani adherent thence the dispute with each claiming that his candidate was to be new president of Somaliland.
Following the deadlocked argument the injured boy is said to have club the other with a wooden club which led to the other rushing for a gun with which he shot his colleague once
After his visit to the o Jared boy the presidency minister who reported that the ailing boy is out of danger went on to urge citizens against acts of election related violence.
In his brief he also revealed that apart from one police officer who was shot all the other 17 received their injuries from rocks thrown at them by youths during the short lived protests in the capital Hargeisa and Burao town.
On the other hand the Wadani leader Abdiqadir Jirde and party’s presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro also called upon citizens to desist from acts of violence in response to alleged vote fraud.
The duo of Opposition politicians made the appeal during a visit to the international hospital where a 13 year old boy is nursing bullet inflicted injuries sustained during the fracas in Hargeisa.
The acts of violence though not widespread are in direct response to the alleged rigging by the national elections commissions and more so it’s procrastination in releasing results.