Somaliland: Youth Migration is the Real Challenge Facing the Government


Ilham Faleebo

By: Ilham Faleebo

Somalilandsun – Firstly I am starting in the name of Allah the greatest, most compassionate and the most merciful. After greeting i would like to outline a real fact and problem that is currently facing my country, Somaliland and that is the migration of our youth.

The term migration can be defined as the movement of people from one place to another and it has many implications, causes and consequences.

Young Somaliland teenagers are departing to outside world like Europe and Americas by taking the harsh steps and journey from Somaliland to Ethiopia to Eritrea and then to Sudan and then to Sahara desert and then Libya and then Mediterranean sea and finally to their destination. We all know it is really a hard and intolerable track , many of our youth have died on their way, others have been kidnapped and kept as a ransom, others had drowned in the oceans, others were raped and killed by Southern Sudanese and others died in the middle of the Sahara.

I would like to tell young teenagers do not just be betrayed by those who survive and go abroad , ask them how many of their friends have died during the emigration and try to analyze the bros and cones of this long travel. My dear readers for the last months countless teenagers have departed including underage girls and boys.

Why are they migrating?

The answer is very simple; they want a better life like employment and high salary. Some want to get passport and others want to be said Mr OR Mrs Diaspora. What ever the case, you must keep the mind that when you leave your motherland and go another state , you will be despised, scandalized and stereotyped, then that is the time you will realize the reality.

Nowadays the western countries themselves are experiencing economical decline their people are being fired from the jobs, in another words the rate of unemployment in Europe have dramatically risen in an unbelievable way so the question is who is going to employ a Somali man or women who just departed and had no education. Every country has a policy at the side of employment that priority to their citizens and then last the refugees. My dear youth think before you leave your country and make sure you do not gamble your precious life because Allah will surely ask you in the doomsday what you have spent your teenage hood.

Our religion condemns the blindness migration and Quran clearly states (Do not throw your selves in HALAK or destruction) which means never ever do an action that you are not sure will save your life or cause your death.

I am advising the government please you are responsible in the migration of our teenagers and you will also be judged, for that reason try to create an employment opportunities for the young boys and girls who graduated from the universities. Make an awareness programs against this evil dilemma that had stricken our society.

In the end be polite, smart, patient and pious youth who trusts their own land. Ask yourself who developed these land you are going to, it is their teenagers like you so why not you do the same and improve your own land instead of going theirs.

Many thanks.

Ilham Faleebo,


Hargiesa Somaliland

From Ilham Faleebo’s Journal