Somaliland: Your Secret African Travel Destination


The Zeila Seylac coast of Awdal province western Somaliland is spectacular

Somalilandsun – Don’t confuse quiet, democratic and well organized Somaliland with chaotic and violent (southern) Somalia. On most maps, it is the same, as Somaliland is not an internationally recognized country. But Somaliland, de facto independent since 1991, has managed to build the most robust democracy of the entire region and takes great pride in it.

It is this confusion with Somalia and Somaliland’s lack of international funding that has so far prevented tourists from discovering the riches of the country and developers from constructing tourist resorts along its magnificent coast.
Somaliland, with marvellous beaches, breathtaking diving opportunities, scenic mountains and rich culture, is the definitive frontier of tourism. Not because it is unsafe, but because there is absolutely no tourism infrastructure and you’ll feel like you are the first visitor.
Therefore, Somaliland is the perfect destination for the adventurous backpacker, wanting to “discover” virgin lands without fellow tourists, but also willing to bring all she/he needs in the rucksack and accept low comforts. But Somali hospitality and Somaliland sights easily weigh up for these hassles.
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