Somaliland: Yemenis Spruce up Ramadan in Buhodle, Sool and Haysimo Regions


Somaliland Airport employees offload the donations from Yemen

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A consignment of goods donated by the people and government of Yemen has arrived in the country.
The donations that include 5 tons of Dates and 1000 Holy Quran books were delivered to Egal International airport by a chartered Yemeni plane at around 7 am in the morning.
At the airport to receive the goods were the minister of Religious Affairs Sheikh Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed and the director of welfare at the presidency Ms Amina Mohamed Diriye representing the government of Somaliland while the Yemeni benefactors had senior officials accompanying the donations.
The government intends to distribute the Yemeni donations to the eastern regions of Buhodle, Sool and Haysimo that are gradually picking up after many years of difficulties
Listen to pertinent statements by Yemeni and Somaliland Officials