Somaliland: Workshop on Validating Implementation Plan of National Youth Policy Concluded


Mohamoud H. Qodah

Mohamed Husein Ahmed

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism concluded 2 days of validating workshop on implementation plan of national Youth Policy which was approved by council of Ministries a year ago. The workshop attended by 60 persons from Somaliland universities and civil society fraternities.

The Director General Mr. Mohamed Husein Ahmed (Dhabeye) said that 75% of the population in the country is youth and said, “Issues including; lack of sports fields, and other development youth matters are what should be highlighted during this validation workshop in order to have priorities to address.”

“The aim of this workshop is to put the youth policy in to action. To support previously approved policy to actions to get workable implementation plan which can effectively handle challenges faced by youths. This action will help us to have priorities particularly relating youth issues. We are expecting important contributions from the participants to encompass already designed strategic plan made by UNICEF, SONYO and Ministry of Youth and Sport.” Said Director General in his conclusion remarks,

Mr. Dhabeeye added that educated participants mostly youth will make possible changes, amendments and finally validate the strategic plan which was already drafted in order to make it a final one.

Sayid Omer Ahmed, Director of youth department spoke at the venue and pointed out the backdrop, aims and objective goals of the workshop and thanked participants and UNICEF for their important contribution on the draft youth policy and that the ministry will lead the implementation plan of this policy.