Somaliland: Sool Regional Governor Escapes Assasination Attempt


Governor Mustafe Abdi Isse Shine says his attackers were heavily armed

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun- A fierce gunfight took place in Las Anod town between heavily armed men and the security detail of Soil regional governor.

The fire fight which ensued around 2 am on Monday took place at the residence of the Soil regional governor Musatafe Abdi Shine who  despite being the apparent target of the attacker’s escaped unscathed and is currently in the Somaliland capital city, Hargeisa.

“Thanks to the grace of Alah neither my person Nor other people within my compound among them police officers were injured during the deadly attack” said governor Shine adding that security forces are investigating the incident though none of the gunmen have been identified or arrested.

The governor who accused persons or groups opposed to the very existence of Somaliland as a sovereign nation revealed that the late night atackers were armed with heavy machine guns and bazooka which they fired at his compound with the very discernible intent of eliminating everyone and everything within the Las Anod based Soil regional governor’s mansion.

THough security in the country’s eastern region has normalized in the recent past thus enabling residents access much needed public services it remains the backyard of the Khatumo Secession movement that aspires to the creation of a Khatumo state with allegiance to the federal government of Somalia.