Somaliland: “Women are the Spinal Cord of Humanity “Says President


As the Somaliland head of state commits to pursuit of gender parity nationwide during commemorations of the international women’s day 2018 in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun- The head of state H.E Musa Behi Abdi occasioned the International Women’s Day ceremony held at the civil service institute headquarters in Hargeisa on the 8th March.
This year’s Women’s day commemoration function was graced by hundreds of ordinary citizens mostly women from all walks of life, political and traditional leaders, administration officials among minister of employment and social affairs Ms Hinda Jama Hirsi ‘Gani’ who was flanked by eminent personality Dr Edna Aden Ismail.

Addressing the occasion Somaliland president Musa Behi Abdi who was guest of honour reiterated the importance of women in various stages of development. He went further
pinpoint the role women play in every aspect of development.
The head of state said “Women are the spinal cord of humanity without them life has no meaning. Women are our mothers so without their existence life will certainly cease to exist.”

The president refuted the notion many ill informed people believe pertaining the 8th March celebrations whereby misconceptions are rife; he dismissed the suggestion that the Women’s Day is a Christian agenda.
President Behi said “8th of March is a day we celebrate women importance in the Islamic context by acknowledging the role of women in the development of our society and religion. For instance if we counter check the Islamic history ‘Islam’ doesn’t forbid women from attaining wealth and power.”
The president stated that women role in development should not transgress their prohibition of their Islamic faith.
“We have to show the world that our religion Islam does not oppress women so it is our greatest wish to send that message across to those who view our religion in bad light towards the right of women.”
He went on to say that women in Somaliland face many challenges for example in the education sector about 40% of girls in urban centers go to primary
schools while the figure in secondary schools is 30% and in tertiary institutions the number is even smaller. The president praised the girls for leading in Islamic madrassa whereby they score good grades in Quran and Islamic studies.
He promised to make the voice of women in Somaliland heard because they account to a half of the population.