Somaliland: “Women are Major Contributors to Nationwide Improved Public Health” Ms Qawdan


Says deputy health minister as she reveals Only in Nation Kidney Dialysis Machine is Back to Function

Government attributes imporived public health to efforts by Women/file1

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland citizens are enjoying their best health status in 23 years
According to the deputy minister of health Ms Nimo Hussein Qawdan improvement in public health nationwide is as a result of concerted efforts by women.
“Although the government and other stakeholders have chipped in one way or another enhanced status of public health especially Hygiene and sanitation is directly related to the selfless acts of mothers in Somaliland” said Ms Qawdan.
Urging women to not only sustain but enhance prevalent status the deputy minister also asked expectant and breastfeeding mothers to fully secure benefits of mother and Child health from the centers established by the government in all parts of the country both rural and urban.

Somaliland deputy health minster Nimo Qawdan at her offices in Hargeisa where she congratulated women for improved health in the country

On the issue of the recent difficulties encountered by citizens suffering from kidney ailments the deputy minister who attributed the malady to the large number of patients seeking services at the state owned Hargeisa Group Hospital-HGH which operates the only kidney dialysis machine in the country.

Said She “while we own only one kidney dialysis machine in the country, the large number of patients seeking services has resulted in the HGH running out of relisted blood purification chemicals” attributing the.
While informing that the ministry has secured excessively sufficient supplies of the purification chemicals Ms Nimo Qawdan said that the HGH staff having been engulfed by the large number of patients not only from all over Somaliland but neighbouring countries as well, have established strategies to ensure that never again shall they be caught unawares as related to stock of the blood purification chemicals.

Surgeons attend to a patient at Hargeisa group Hospital