Somaliland: Widhwidh Residents Fully Support Khatumo Reconciliation Talks


They tell Prof Galayd as he officiates at functions inaugurating a New Telesom Funded Clinic and Locally Facilitated Borehole in the town in Sool region of Somaliland

Widhwidh residents told Prof Galayd they completely support the Khatumo and Somaliland reconciliation talks

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Scarcity of safe clean drinking water for residents of Widhwidh town is soon to end.
This follows the start of drilling of a borehole in the town based in the Sool region of Somaliland, said to have capacity to service needs of over 1000 households and commercial facilities once complete.
Officiating at the ground breaking function on the outskirts of Widhwidh town was Prof Ali Khalif Galayd a local political chief.

“I hereby extend thanks to all those individuals and companies that contributed towards making this borehole a reality” said Prof Galayd adding that he shall also convey requests of support from the Somaliland central government.
Funds towards drilling and equipping the Borehole were jointly contributed by local residents and Major Somaliland trading companies that have wide operations both nationwide and more in the east of the country.
Addressing the groundbreaking function were representatives or chiefs of Hass Petroluem, Shaafi Trading co, and Jidaali foundation.
Also represented was Nugaal inc, the engineering firm that is undertaking drilling works for the Widhwidh borehole.
After the borehole function Prof Galayd accompanied by local administration officials cut the ribbon to officially open a two room extension to the Widhwidh MCH funded by Telesom a giant telecommunication company with operations all over Somaliland.
“Without proper medical facilities and services citizens cannot attain proper livelihood standards” said Prof Galayd while thanking Telesom for its contribution towards the MCH extension that is the major health facility in Widhwidh.
Nugaal Inc mobile driller on works at the New Widhwidh borehole Representatives of Telesom at the function promised to continue intervening in projects that are citizen oriented not only in Widhwidh but entire country as well.
For the residents of Widhwidh the mere function of borehole drilling and MCH extension opening officiated by Prof Ali Khalif Galayd was of momentous joy, and those speaking on behalf of the populace did not shy from applauding reconciliation talks between the Khatumo state movement and Somaliland Government.
“This function and the official presence of Prof Galayd is just a small result of decision to settle political differences peacefully” said speaker after speaker while urging the Khatumo chief to ensure dialogue with the authorities in Hargeisa concludes successfully for the betterment of all.
Prof Galayd is leader of a secession Movement in that has been aspiring to a Khatumo state of Somalia presumably to have been curved off parts of eastern somalia.
The Khatumoists who held sway In Sool and eastern parts of Sanaag region have put aside their ambitions after entering into Reconciliation talks with the government of Somaliland.
Prior to an eleven points accord reached Addis Ababa and subsequent addendum in Djibouti, the sprawling Sool region was completely devoid of public services as a result of armed skirmishes between Khatumoist militia and Somaliland security forces.

Worthy of mention is that Prof Galayd can now traverse the breath of Somaliland without fear of arrest as can be ascertained by not only his official presence the Widhwidh function but his recent huge welcome to Lasanod town by top state officials including Leader of opposition party Eng Feisal Ali Warabe.
Rather than shoot at him as used to be Somaliland security officials welcome Prof Galayd to Lasanod town His visit and subsequent visit to Lasanod came a short while after a historic visit to the Somaliland capital Hargeisa while in transit to Djibouti for the latest reconciliation talks.