SOMALILAND: Why the Hell Allow on Transit SFG Leaders Access to VIP Lounge at Country’s Airport


Prof M O Jawari


HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – Hargeisa’s Egal international airport received unwanted guest on Saturday this week and allowed him to access the VIP resting room that is normally reserved for the Country’s approved dignitaries both local and foreign alike.

Therefore it is very perturbing how the speaker of parliament of the federal Government of Somalia Prof. Mohamed Osman Jawari who on transit gto the UAE found his way to the VIP resting room where he was allowed to enjoy the airport’s VIP facility despite opposing the very existence of Somaliland’s sovereignty.

This episode rekindles the ugly scene of 20th June 2011 when the airport authorities denied VIP access to former President Dahir Rayale Kahin who then upon jetting back to the country wanted to hold a press conference so as to brief journalists about his sojourn.

The VIP resting room that was denied to the former head of state three years ago was on Saturday enjoyed by Somalia’s speaker of parliament who is known for his hard-line stand about the sovereignty & secession of Somaliland.

The people of Somaliland are now questioning the Government priorities in terms of treatment viz a viz the country’s former President & that accorded to the speaker of Somalia’s parliament?

VIP Lounge of Egal International Airport in Hargeisa Somaliland

Members of the public are also inquiring when the Government allowed the national facility to be accessed by those in authority in Somalia. More specifically when the Government did changed its policies to allow Somalia’s leadership who are against the very existence of Somaliland to enjoy the peace stability & tranquility of our borders?

Mr. Jawari is remembered coming to Hargeisa while hiding when the UN was reviewing Somalia’s federal constitution and authoring some papers purporting to show the world that the people of Somaliland are in support of Somalia’s constitution.

Whatever the case might be the ruling regime and in particular the ministry of civil aviation ought to clear all the misconception in the public domain. If what happened on Saturday is left unexplained then persons with ill motives or those who committed crimes in our land will comfortably land undetected at our airports and be provided with safe haven to the detriment of our national foundation.

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