Somaliland: “Why Shouldn’t the Government Disclose Confirmed Cases of Corona Virus in Hargeisa?’ Dr Hergeeye

The Somaliland National Coronavirus Propalyctic Committee revealed the two confirmed infection cases

Somalilandsun:  “Citizens of Somaliland are owed by the government full disclosure of any confirmed or suspected cases of corona virus not only in the capital Hargeisa but elsewhere in the country as well”
This was stated by the Director General of the health ministry Dr Mohamed Abdi Hergeeye in reaction to rumours circulating within a section of the public to the effect that numerous the capital Hargeisa abounds with persons infected with the virus currently scourging the world where over one million cases have so far been confirmed and counting.
Queried by Geeska Afrika on this rumour the ministry of health DG said
“as we are all aware only two cases have been confirmed in the country as per revelations by the minister of health who is deputy chair to the national Covid-19 prophylactic committee” while wondering why the government should reveal cases of the virus in both Berbera and Burao and hide those if any in Hargeisa.
According to the national committee tasked with preventing spread and subsequent management of Corona virus in the country the administration of president Muse Bihi is to it ability fully prepared for the pandemic and that citizens should be wary of misinformation and only rely on announcements made through official channels while observing guidelines issued.
Though only two cases have been confirmed in the country, the government is in full swing in relations to tracing all persons who came into contact with the two for purposes of initial quarantine followed by testing.
The case confirmed in Somaliland are all imports owing to the fact that the infected are both foreigners with the Berbera one being a Chinese national while the Burao one I a citizen of the united kingdom but originally from Somaliland.