Somaliland: Why Do Upcoming Leaders Need Scrutiny?



2017 Somaliland presidential aspirantsJamal Ali UCID Adirahman Irro of wadani and Muse Behi of Kulmiye

By Kadija Abdir Mohamed

Somalilandsun – The International Community worried of President Silanyo-successors who seem all politically disable except one Abdirahman Abdilahi known ” Irro”. But let’s examine their characters, education, and public experience. Muse Bihi of Kulmiye inheritor is serious about power grab at the all costs, Abdirahman Abdilahi Irro also running for presidency, and Jamal Ali a junior candidate.

Let’s put all of them in perspective, Abdirahman Abdilahi of Wadani party leader has been Speaker of Parliament close to decade. He is educated in the US and ex-Soviet for several Masters Degrees from business to diplomatic training. He has been working as Somali ambassador until it fell. He also initiated a number of community organizations in Finland to serve for Somali suffering people. He is decent diplomat and proven statesman earned the hearts of his fellow nationals and foreign leaders.

He’s problem-solver, unifier and rational man.

In contrast, Muse Bihi military man, veteran guerilla warrior, little judgment on clan dynamics of all fronts and easily irritable on minor quarrel; fixated on clan feud, revengeful and hatemongering. Zero diplomatic skill unwittingly revealing counter terror strategy by showing inherent hatred towards militants Imams and terrorists at the large. Controversial man whose dirty skills: nepotism, clannish narcissism , snobbery are incompatible with the 21 century.

Having no positive thing to sell, he resorted to tribal tactic of paternal and maternal electoral campaign to appeal the mobs. He went both Salaxlay and Xaraf districts of Hargeisa alienating vast people of voters. His slogans are always divisive.

Jamal Ali Hussein is untested political lad; he reiterates that he is from Harvard University and had worked with Citi as village branch Director in Tanzania to make a point where there is no point. He could be decent guy but he never worked public office. He thinks summing up these two things can be great ticket to power. His zero-public experience made him to complain about police ambushing him on his way to his hometown Berbera. He is very little experience to overcome political challenges that Somaliland faces on daily basis. He ought to enter politics as minister not president, hard to attain. From Citi janitor to President never happened elsewhere, Somaliland politics are not different.

He is political views are predictable.

US embassy in Nairobi shared worries with Somaliland delegates led by Hirsi about the upcoming presidential candidates. Anonymous sources said.

Somaliland needs mature, wise, of high calibre man; I think Abdirahman Irro can fit that description very easily. Others can’t distinguish if they can survive in Somaliland’s dangerous politics. many folks accuse Jamal of quitting his Citi Bank out of greed and entered Somaliland politics out of greed again to make quick bucks.

While Abdirahman has been forced to form national party to save Somaliland from mobs, he willingly accepted to take the lead feeling honored the perception his people shown.

Careful, unbiased scrutiny of three presidential candidates in 2017 reveals any vote for Bihi and Jamal endangers Somaliland democratization process and stability. Both technically unfit for presidency given their personal background and work experience respectively. But blind mobs may vote for both.

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