Somaliland: Why Do Home Based Landers Hate their Diaspora Brethren?


British Somalilanders Celebrate outside the Sheffield council Gardens after the histroic motion recognizing the sovereignty of their motherland

Somalilandsun – As a long time diaspora Lander who loves Somaliland very much, and will anything for Somaliland my country of origin and my adapted home North America.
Visiting the homeland or moving there is the best opportunity for every Somalilander in the diaspora inside Somaliland and our country needs our support for recognition and needs support for the development of our nations, and we as the diaspora have been silent for Somaliland’s recognition and also we are doing well with the development of the country and I don’t we are silent about the issue and my reason in my opinion is that in Somaliland the locals hate the diaspora landers and they don’t like them because they think that we will take over the country and I don’t know why they have this hatred towards us and we cannot hide the truth about our people and why they hate us the diaspora and they make of fun of us and they say that we are the reason why we are risking our lives at sea I see that as bull and we did not choose to go to the diaspora we were forced to go the diaspora because of the civil war and the siad barre tyranny that dicatar was treating to the landers in the 1980’s, and many somalilanders fled the country to neighboring Ethiopia and some of them returned back to Somaliland, once the was over.

Somalilanders endure all sorts of hardships in their quest for irrevocable sovereignty and  international recognition

I don’t understand the bitterness they have towards us and they had the same chance to go to the diaspora as we did and it’ their fault not ours. The diaspora we are grateful for countries like Canada and the US and the UK and Europe and Australia that are home to millions of Somalis and that gave us a home and a citizenship, passport, education, health, and working opportunities, business opportunities and political opportunities. Somalilanders the diaspora landers are your people too and the white people are not your people and be nice to them the landers and you cannot imagine how many complaints I have received from the diaspora whether they are students, parents, teenagers, young adults, business people and taxi drivers and so on so fourth. I had one taxi driver from Canada who came to me and complained who rude our people are our and how mean they are towards the diaspora landers and that grown man was crying and he said why do they hate us and he said the last time I was there it was Feb 2nd 1985 and I was on my to the soviet union and than Canada and the people were not like this back then.
In my opinion I visit Somaliland every year during since 2009 and before that time I was last there in 1979 and then latter that year I moved to North America and I was only 14 years old then. My father did not choose for me and family to go the diaspora for fun we want there because of the problems Somaliland was facing at that time period and we are not safe in Hargeisa and It would have been worse in Mogadishu.

SL Diaspora at a meeting in Hargeisa

When I returned to Somaliland in 2009 for my first visit in 30 years I was only 44 years old then and I realized that what the youth say about the people in Somaliland was true and I couldn’t not believe until seen it. Well the play on TV on HCTV it’s a free country in Somaliland and Somaliland is a democracy and they can do whatever they want but what my friend from the diaspora told me this that this inappropriate and that these 2 famous comedians soreen and jaween should be prosecuted to the full extent for making fun of Somaliland and the diaspora landers who build.
Duale Warsame North America.
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