Somaliland: Who is the Messiah of the Desert?


Desert messiah

By: Yusuf Deyr
Somaliland sun- Dear reader, I am definitely sure that this article will irritate some of my intimate friends that their roots are from Somali Ethiopian Sector and may upset and may make them mad, some of those who are related to the victims and survivors of that shameful massacre of Jama Dubad village and gaashaamo other neighborhood villages. And some of the readers may judge me wrongly as a Top – Mobil Telephone that operates by some coins of money or may regard me as a close relative to Mr. Abdi Omer, the president of Ethiopian Somali Sector. But honest to God, all my intention is to alert and send an alarming message to president Abdi Omer Mohamoud and to orientate the New Police of the Somali Ethiopian Sector, in a friendly voice that can’t be ignored. So that all that good deeds he did, won’t go with the wind and end up in vain.
Dear reader, Leaders shape their nations, communities, and organizations. As humans, we are in need of good leaders to help guide us to the essential large – scale decisions that keep the World moving. Our Society as Africans, is always quick to identify a bad leader, but very hard to identify a good leader. Because we had never encountered a good leader since we have received our independence from the colonial white man. Hence, the whole continent is not familiar or capable to define a good leader. But according to the Info – center of the white man. After examining the resources available across the Websites. After I settled on a handful of informative articles from the sites such as The Havard Business Review and Forbes. With the help of these key publications, along with assistance from University staff. I determined that we should spearhead one of the hardest questions to answer. What makes an effective leader? Our goal with this info – graphic was to provide a resource that compiles this question into one place, so that the current and future leaders will find it, both, interesting and educational. According to the definition of the white man. A leader is a person who has a vision and a drive, and a courageous commitment to achieve that vision, and to own or develop through experience as well as the knowledge and the skills to make it happen. A leader can see a problem that needs to be fixed or a goal to be achieved. What makes leaders to be different from one another, are the knowledge, traits and skills that the leader tackles with his obstacles. plus his devotion, motivation, honesty, vision, guts and the advisors surrounding him. That makes the difference. There are no magic bullets. But some people are born with these traits, skills and born to lead, like the only authentic leader of all the present Somali leaders, Mr. Abdi Omer Mohamoud. Others develop them as they improve as leaders. It is the courage and strength that lets the leader move his vision forward despite all the obstacles that faces him. It is his passion for the idea, and his inner sense of an honest commitment.
While there are many forms of leadership that each come with a slew of personality traits. We determined, through research and university feedback, a list of eleven consistent traits that great leaders leverage, like Abdi Omer Mohamoud. These include:
1-Courage and Honesty: your politics and as employees are a reflection of yourself, and if you make honest and ethical behaviour a key value, your team will follow suit.
2-Ability to delegate: Trusting your team with your idea is a sign of strength, not weakness. Delegating tasks to the appropriate persons is one of the most important skills you can develop.
3-Communication: Being able to clarify and briefly express what you want to be done is extremely important. If you can’t relate your vision to your team, you won’t all be working towards the same goal.
4-Sense Of Humour: It is amazing how a little humour can lighten a mood, or defuse a tense situation. If you are constantly learning to find humour in the struggle, your work environment will become a happy and healthy space, where your employees look forward to working in.
5-Confidence: Assure everyone that setbacks are natural and the important thing is to focus on the longer goal. But staying calm and confident, you will keep the team feeling the same.
6-Commitment: If you expect your team to work hard and produce quality content, you are going to need to lead by example.
7-Positive Attitude: Keep your team motivated towards the continued success of the subject – matter in hand by keeping the energy and esteem level up.
8-Creativity: It is during the critical situations that your team will look to you for guidance and you may be forced to make a quick decision. It is important to learn to think outside the box.
9-Ability To Inspire: Being able to inspire your team is great for focusing on the future goals. It is your job to keep spirits up, and that begins with an appreciation for the hard work.
10-Intuition: When leading a team through uncharted waters, there is no roadmap on what to do. Everything is uncertain, and the higher the risk, the higher the pressure.
11-Iron – Guts: You must be courageous and daring during the challenges. Risk taking attitude.
Dear reader, as I have said earlier. I am definitely sure that this article may irritate, upset and will make mad some of the inhabitants of the Ethiopia Somali Sector, or some of my intimate friends of the members of the OLF . But let them know that three things can’t be long hidden. The sun, the moon and the truth. Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.
Above all, honesty and courage are the first chapter in the Book of wisdom. Dear reader, you have to bear in mind that a Hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. Having swinging moods is not a sign of weakness but a sign of being alive. It is of no use of choosing the material and colour you like, but finding the clothes do not fit. A bad nickname is the heaviest stone the devil can throw at an angel. For the last five years we, the Somalilanders were combing a bald head, but now, there is nothing new under the sun. I believe much that, kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the roots, kind hearts are the flowers and kind deeds are the fruit. In my Idolatry – Age, before the revelation of slam. I never worshipped Idols made of Pastry – Cream. I used to worship those made of stones, the sun and the moon. I don’t have to be what you want me to be; but I am free to be what I want to be. I am allergic to somebody’s dictation the same way I hate to dictate something for somebody else. I love to speak of my own heart and I adorn to listen to somebody speaking of his own heart. As a Badwe – Arab man, I hate precisely hypocrisy of any sort and I am not a Top – Up telephone Mobile that can be operated by coins of money. Moreover, I hate nepotism of any sort, big or little. Dear reader, let us do our homework in our own Oval – Office of our Spider – Web Palace and in all what is named as Somali tiny Bee – Hives, tribal chiefs claiming Governments. Regardless to their color or creed. It is all conquered by a barren poor Bee – Queen, heading Wild – Bees that swallows more than they can chew. Consuming both, the dry and the green leaves, and re produces nothing tangible or mentionable. Except those Russian Dead – Projects which lasts after few months. With the exception of the president of the Somali – Ethiopian Regional Government, Mr.Abdi Omer Mohamoud. The one Hero – man of a nation and that can be called the messiah of the desert who transformed the desert into a paradise, and the Saviour of his people and country from the edge of a Hell – Fire.

That clairvoyant nationalist with Iron – Guts who, he and his board of directors toppled all obstacles in person. Regardless to all challenges of his blind – folded, and short sighted opponents that can see not more than their shadows. President Abdi Omer defeated the stress of pain and depression, caused by lack of trust among the varied Somali communities.

Yusuf DeyrHe and his group of directors overcome poverty, hunger; and finally has got rid of all unfriendly circumstances. He is the most gutsiest person with ironsides in the Somali – Ethiopian Province. Before his arrival to the office, the previous Administrative – Organs, before him were corrupted,
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