Somaliland: Who Is Telling the Truth, Dr Omar or Minister Hirsi


Hirsi Haji Ali and Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar

Somalilandsun – Such these question occur frequently to the people’s mind and intellectuals of Somaliland who understand Somaliland politics, who is lying Hersi and Mohamed Abdilahi Omer .

Somaliland politician answer in different ways but the reality is one and everybody knows that fool or intellect, some think it is better to develop only their regions. Some are dreaming to collect millions of dollars, And become rich. If you are working some of the poorest country on the planet. And also never get yet any recognition..What is the purpose of being in there?

Mr Hirsi is a bullet proof of Silanyo we can’t say he is Politician. He is tribe capacity building man he never mention development of other regions. His am and goals is only the eastern regions and that is not fair. He is complaining to build long road but he can’t see people who are dying basic needs of life near the president place . that is the people who veto kulmiye party.

Which is first human and material? To build road doesn’t make sense if the human are destroyed mental. So if you love your car to drive good ways go usa and other countries we want to build human being that can later build roads.

He is covering the mistakes of the Regime. His passion and his job is only that. Mislead and misguide the nation by a tribe.

It is wonderful family event! And fill all the seats of the president place there conversation is we together for the president and they are embracing all our family and feelings they are glad to be together

Politician can be especial tricky to catch since most of them have had so much practice Between spin doctors, speech writers, media consultants, managers, sycophants and their own often monumental egos, those who would dine at the public trough are trained to stay on message and exude confidence, sincerity and trustworthiness. Perhaps more importantly, they develop a keen sense of what we, the citizenry, want to hear: we warm to positive messages and flinch from painful truths. And because so many of us are woefully ignorant about the details of the issues, but let tell

Mr Hirsi we are not like sheep’s and you can’t easily led us.

He speaks of only that region if you calculate the words he say when he is speaking. he say million times eastern region which he originally come from. While he speak the development of the other region. Not enough. He is some one who cant tolerant any thing. He is involving every agent in the state. I think he imagine the nation is like a shop that one person can work.

Mohamed Abdilahi Omer is well educated person responsible and never lies to his nation he is the only person. in Somaliland history that changed Somaliland relationship in the world and shake all the politicians of Somalia he did things. Which all Somaliland people love he is anew politician role model which I hope any one can take his foot prints

Mr Mohamed Abdulahi is politician and all so leader, he has taken the responsibility of governing a but not tribe, he was working city , region and also the nation History has given us a plethora of political leaders, both good and bad, who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of their countries and the people living in the country.

Mr Mohamed Abdilahi Omer

Is Political leaders who can govern the nations during peace times and also during times of crisis. He is countryman who is also responsible for making and implementing strategies and policies meant to better serve the interests of the country he govern. The leaders in Somaliland had chosen his thoughts but not his tribe and also his personal development. When he was in the office no doubt and never use his tribe by any means he was some one who believe development of the state is not by arigion he was some one who understand life cycle

Where hoping to come homeland and become president.

His philosophy is birthright, and like The older Somaliland countrymen like Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal, Abdirahman Faarah Abdirahman Ahmed Ali and Dahir Riyale Kahin

The best defense against a lie is knowledge. If your paramour insists that he was watching the Sunday game with his buds but you happened to catch a glimpse of him in the lobby of the boutique hotel where you’d had brunch, well, there you go, both metaphorically and probably literally. But apart from firsthand knowledge (or other reliable evidence) are there verbal and nonverbal clues that can give a liar away? As the debates, both presidential and elders, loom, being able to employ your own personal bullshit detector could be most helpful. After all, we can’t rely on the occurrence of those covetable “misspeaks” or “off-the-cuff remarks” that reveal precisely what a politician is thinking — and trying to conceal.

The man who is lying is Hersi and posting media his words and then refusing that he say and post that is the man who is lying

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