Somaliland: Who is Guiding the Nation?


As department of national guidance at the ministry of information goes kaput! On ideas and programs
Youthfull Somalilanders proud of their national colours are missing out on guidance

By: Yumoha Pasha
Somalilandsun – In the recent past citizens have been missing on productions with a moral and communal issues usually disbursed by the public media both radio and TV
According to its mandate the government ministry mandated with information, national guidance and culture has seen a breakdown in various productions the huge state agency used to provide the public emanating from its department of national guidance.
With political issues reigning supreme at both Radio Hargeisa-RH and Somaliland national TV-SLNTV programs with a human interest angle have totally been eliminated if reminiscing on the former productions like health matters in relation to dogs in our streets and malady of chemicals occasioned by the processing of hides and skins is pursued.
During the tenure of Ahmed Quick as national guidance departmental director at the ministry of information citizens were usually to be found jostling for apt positions in front of their TV stations tuned to either the local or international services of SLNTV thence view various human angled programs.
Some of these were in relation to detailed information on the malady on heath as pertains to the communal relationship between co-existence of human and stray dogs leading to the broad campaign that saw the Hargeisa municipality in conjunction with ministry of health cull hundreds of the canines from city streets.
Similarly citizens got acquiesced with reasons behind eruption of inexplicable diseases afflicting residents of Darburuq town in Las Geel district of Maroodi-jeeh (Hargeisa) region as a result of the haphazard disposal chemicals by a local and international company with hides and skins tanning factories in the town,
Ahmed Quick the ex director of Somaliland national guidanceAnother example of the Ahmed Quick programs missing out from the airwaves relates to the promotion of local produce as opposed to reliance on exports that saw farmers redouble their efforts due to demand by consumers.
None will also forget the mass of information accrued from productions pertaining to legalities involved in cross-border movement, border security and trade as well as the hazards of temporary structures erected within roads in major towns of Somaliland.
So in a nutshell why was the initiator of live TV transmission in Somaliland Ahmed Quick removed from his duties and docket as Director of national guidance at the ministry of Information and what is his replacement if one is doing?
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