Somaliland: When Fire Pushed the Country to the Brink Of Destruction

When fire pushed Somaliland to the brink of des5
Somaliland Tourist Samiya Hashi looks on at the destruction a day after the Waheen market fire. PHOTO: Mukhtar Nuur.

Somalilandsun: Everyone remembers where they were on the night of the fire. It was April Fool’s Day. And at around 8PM local time, some were already home and others on their way their. Others sat outside their shops, taking stock, balancing books and preparing for the next day.

“I was here when the fire broke out,” Abdirahman Mohamed Cabdilahi says.

Abdirahman spent the better part of that evening helping his employer balance the books of what was a good day for business. He says he just heard people screaming outside that a fire had started.

“I went out and saw it. There was something strange about the flames. At the time we got out, the flames were rising,” he says.

Soon, the wind gathered speed and the fire increased in ferocity. All this time, dozens of people tried to fight it. Buckets of water were being passed from one hand to another but the final blow could not reach the belly of the flames.

So it continued to consume everything in its path Briefs the Somaliland tourist in her captivating story When Fire Pushed Somaliland To The Brink Of Destruction.