Somaliland: What’s Next after Hargeisa Attack on Wadani Party?


Wadani party supporters are crying foul over attacks/file

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye
Somalilandsun – Earlier this week, in the event of welcoming conference of Wadani’s incoming heavyweight politicians including Ms fadumo Saed quitting UCID as Finance Secretary, and Pop Revolutionary artist Ms Sahra Halgan returning from overseas after staying there almost three decades, troublemakers mainly mob hired for the government whom gathered from over Gar-adag aka Sodom and Gomorrah crowded at the gate of Crown Hotel where the official membership event taking place begun to throw stones at the departing participants! Rioters broke cars’ windscreens and the hotel front glasses in full view of so called Police units who supposedly deployed to protect rioters to inflict maximum damages, people also were severally hurt. But none of the rioters were arrested. Hotelier decried when the police refused to protect him though only 30 meters away from his hotel. It’s unprecedented tragedy of which nationals engaging in lawful activities came under terror attack for exercising their lawful right of joining the national party whichever they wish.
Every passing day, the ruling party of Gar-adag byproduct takes desperate measures to curb exodus of party quitting members from joining opposition Party Wadani, Sheikh Samale former militant man resorted to recite Quran verses to criminalize opposition,an act many Muslim scholars consider “blasphemy”; and preventing them from leaving, even himself admitted that his audience detested his jokingly aweless misquotation of Quran verses in defense of unpopular policies of the struggling ruling party. However; waves of people unsatisfied with Silanyo’s clannish economic empowerment by giving multi-million dollar contracts only to his tribe including OPU left Kulmiye Party in the cold of its grave.

Adna Adan founder of the only Maternity Hospital in the region and global figure whose voice reaches distant places and global corridors of power added her voice to the growing opposition when she spoke in inauguration of New Bank of Dahab Shiil in front of the president Silanyo that the country is in dire straits because it’s run by amateurs and social justices had gone! The president shook his head in denial, not embarrassment, he used to hear aged faces sheepish bootlicks differential to him.
President told his servile assistants to filter keynote speakers in the next gathering, only yes-men-allowed are wanted to make up their nonsensical remarks to “wow” selective clannish audience carried on board of pick-ups and lorries wherever the president goes as part of election campaign without lively media or press asking him substantial questions on mismanagement and wholesale looting of the nation’s resources. The national TV and hired tabloids would follow his delegation on campaign to ask mockery questions of why always two males go to Gar-adag once every century to … and sometimes to plot.
Until very recently, chiefs and Sultans excluding self styled ones had honor and immunity never mind arbitrary arresting of MPs, and prominent societal figures. But Silanyo’s well known law treading junta changed all that in order to hang on power and intimidate exponentially growing opposition of the mightily popular Party Wadani despite international community’s consistent calling for holding timely election in 2015.
President Silanyo and his party realized Wadani posed serious threat to his powerful mixture of Islamists, unseasoned statesmen, and financiers, atypically unique combination of contradictions overwriting all democratization ongoing process.
Silanyo’s inner cronyism cum clannish fort begun to come crumbling before even elections begun therefore they started intimidation and surprise nocturnal raids on residential houses and mosques and other places of interest without any legality. They violated the national laws and got away with it, but what’s next? Only time will tell.