Somaliland: What Readers say About the Finance Minister


Somalilandsun – responding to our article titled Gabile Finance Minister Concerned by Health and Orphan Status reader under the pen Name Yaaska wrote

Yaaska 2014-10-09 02:04
Hey Somalilandsun well done for bringing the attention of your readers to this Minister. I think you have hit the nail on the head by mentioning this incompetent and clannish oriented minister and how he only cares about his region (Gabiley and in particular Allay-Baday district). This ex-Mullah or Islamic School-teacher who turned politician is not only renowned for his extremist Salafi views but is also known for his brazen partisan decisions in his Ministry – the Ministry of Finance – which is one of the most important Ministries in the country, if not the single most important one. Reliable sources in the Ministry say that for the past year alone Samale secured the employment of more than 100 people from his sub-clan (Abdalle Abokor) without the proper re0itment procedures at the Ministry and to the dismay of experienced staff members gave many of his kinfolks important positions in tax collection border controls and other areas such as ports0airports as well as in regional revenue offices.

Those who observe the activities or lack of it from the part of this hopeless Minister say that you will hardly see him discussing about the plans of his pivotal Ministry or explaining the reasons as to why taxation has to be raised so high that a lot of businesses are s0ggling to survive, and what are the implications of those tax rises for the wider economy of the country and what new public services would the government introduce by virtue of the income from the new taxation.

If you briefly glance at his CV he was qualified as a teacher and taught in Yemen for nearly 10 years before he moved back to Somaliland and became a part-time Imam of a mosque at Xero-Awr in Hargeisa and businessman and then later on became Member of Parliament. This means he has no background in economics, finance, development studies or even management and can barely explain to a potential delegation from a donor country about the government’s priority in terms of public financial management, fiscal reforms, fiduciary and budgetary constraints and government priorities etc.

The problem with this unfortunate Ministry does not stop there because his deputy (State Minister, Osman Sahardiid Adaani) is even worse than Samale and has equally no background in any of the above cited skills but all he is good at is to literally cry like a little boy whenever the President’s name gets mentioned in public. So one wonders why did Silanyo appointed these kind of ministers and many other buffoons in his government. The answer is that they are simply good in clan politics and community machinations and manipulations and that is what Silanyo want them to do for him instead of serving the people, and at the end of the day the losers are the people of Somaliland, so it is about time that this incompetent government is replaced by a more responsible one and I for one can’t wait to exercise my voting rights and say no to people like Silanyo, Samale, Midget-Hersi, Adaani, Warancade, Maxamud Hashi, Zamzam etc.

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