Somaliland: What Landers Demand in Talks with Somalia



Somalilandsun – As the date draws near for resumption of talks between Somaliland and Somalia which were suspended after the mandate of the Sheikh Sharif led TFG Government expired mid last year, clear indicators of expected outcomes need to be put in place.

Though the official statement from the UK government which is hosting the talks does not mention Somaliland in anyway in addition to reports that UK and Somalia shall be co-hosts and not to mention the title of the conference “Somalia Conference” citizens are set for participation.

Disregarding all the negativity thence having set our sights on participation the main outcome expected by Somalilanders is InternatioSovereignty or Nothingnal recognition of their sovereignty.

This is per the well-known commitment of citizens towards a self-rule for their country after having pulled out of a voluntary and fateful union with Somalia that came after a prolonged use of force.

Having suffered much during and after the fateful union with Somalia The citizen’s desire, want and demand that the international community accord Somaliland its 1st July 1960 status at the United Nations.

Regardless of the Carrots flung at them nor promises of golden awards This demand for theMum what is Somalia? status as they were on 1st July 1960 is neither for negotiation, for compromise nor is it irrevocable.

To call a SPADE A SPADE we urge the FRIENDLY NATIONS MEDIATING talks with our brotherly neighbours in Somalia to see to it that Somalilanders are accorded the respect and dignity they deserve by acknowledging their unanimous and overwhelming wishes which are CRYSTAL CLEAR to not only the deaf but the blind as well.

To our diversified leadership we ask them not to make the mistake of calling a SPADE a SPOON thus compromise for anything short of country’s status at the UN on 1st July 1960.