Somaliland: What is MP Xoog Up to?


What is Xildhibaan MP Xoog doing?

Somalilandsun – The Republic of Somaliland has made its way into international headlines, not for anything positive but rather something negative. Vice News, an international news outlet, published an article titled “UK accused of training and supporting deadly Somaliland counter-terrorism unit”. The article called the RRU (Rapid Response Unit) a deadly force abusing their power against citizens. Interviewed in the article was no other than the outspoken and vocal critic Abdirahman Mohamed Jama also known as “Xildhibaan Xoog – (MP Strongman).

Xildhibaan (MP) Xoog was attracted by Vice News for recently writing two opinion articles written in English accusing the government of using the RRU on their citizens and accusing the UK of training these forces for the government’s personal use. This is one of many accusations made by Xildhibaan Xoog, who is a prominent figure in Somaliland’s main opposition party “Wadani.” His statements are not new for Somalilanders but it is an new and alarming shock for the international community.

We are all aware that the RRU are true national heroes and put their lives at risk daily for the safety of our country. Since its creation it has foiled numerous terrorist operations and have arrested scores of terrorists hiding in Somaliland. Thanks to the RRU, Somaliland is well protected from terrorists, noticeably at time where our regional neighbors are constantly dealing with terrorist attacks.

If there is anything that is a serious threat to the Republic of Somaliland it is definitely Xildhibaan Xoog. He is widely known for fighting in parliament and constantly using unparliamentary language, or simply put “ciyal suuq language”. Let us not forget that he is the only MP in history of the Republic of Somaliland to pull out a gun and threaten another MP in parliament! We do not need an MP (who after chewing kilos of FUJIS khat) puts together insults and attacks in English, and later sends them to his children in the UK to edit it and make it an “opinion article”.

His actions do not hurt his intended victims (Somaliland Government), it hurts the country as a whole and our reputation! The RRU are our true national heroes and the defenders of our democracy and peace. With the aid of the UK Government, we have been able to protect ourselves in a volatile region and as a patriotic citizen I thank our RRU officers and the UK Government for doing their part in enhancing Somaliland’s national security.

Message to Hon. Xildhibaan Xoog: If you are reading this, please Mr. Honorable firstly control your temper and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Like you have stated in your articles you are an “Elected Member of Parliament” and with that comes great responsibility and integrity! Please show some respect for your office and to the citizens who have elected you. If you are going to criticize the government, please do it professionally (no fighting, swearing or lying to international media and please do not bring your gun to work!)

Message to Somalilanders: Let’s solve our problems together, let’s remain united and most importantly let’s not let cry about our internal problems to the international community, considering the fact that we are eagerly pursing support from them!


Mukhtar Haji Ali