Somaliland: “We Return with Successful Conclusion of Biggest Foreign Investment Deal Ever” VP Sayli


Somaliland officials finalizing DP world contract return home triumphantY

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somaliland sun- The Somaliland team negotiating DP World contract returned home to a triumphant welcome at the Egal International Airport in Hargeisa.
Led by the Vice President Abdilahi Sayli that includes government officials and political party representatives finalized the DP World contract worth over $400m to manage and develop the Berbera Port within a period of 30 years.

“We Return with Successful Conclusion of Biggest Foreign Investment Deal” VP Sayli said during a press briefing at the airport’s VIP lounge while congratulating citizens for their patience and confidence in the administration that facilitated signature to this contract which is a milestone in the country’s twenty five years of its sovereignty.

In his concise brief, foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire informed that the contract in which he was signatory on behalf of the state, was exactly the one approved by legislators of the House of Representatives, the lower of the somaliland two chamber parliament.
DPW's Sultan Suleiman bin Ahmed and Somaliland FM put pen to paper in Dubai “This historic foreign investment shall see D P World not only avail operations expertise but phased injection of $442m in modernizing Berbera port structures, equipment and human resources development as well” added the foreign minister.
The UAE government owned Dubai Port World which is a global port operator confirmed the final signature to the contract effected in Dubai which was co-signed by Sultan Ahmed bin Suleiman and Dr Saad Ali Shire the DPW group chairman cum CEO and Somaliland foreign minister respectively
In his confirmation statement Sultan bin Ahmed informed that DP World has secured a multi-purpose facility to serve as an important additional hub to its operational footprints in the Horn of Africa through the $442 investment to manage Berbera port.
Said he, “We are delighted to extend our African footprint with a major investment in Somaliland, adding that “modernization of this natural deep water port shall not only attract more shipping activities but catalyze growth both in Somaliland and the wider region as well”

Apart from VP Sayli and FM others in the somaliland negotiating team included Dubai based foreign envoy Amb Bashe Awil, Ministers Zamzam Abdi-Finance, Mahmud Abdi-Presidency and Hussein Ali Sho,be- -planning as well as Eng Feisal Ali Warabe chairman of opposition UCID party