Somaliland: “We Reiterate the Importance of addressing our Sovereignty-President Silanyo


President Ahmed  Mahmoud SilanyoSomalilandsun- The president of the republic of Somaliland has once again reiterated the neither non-negotiability nor irrevocability of his country’s independence.

In an official response to the International Somalia Conference final communiqué President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo said:

“We are pleased that the Somalia Conference agreed continued partnership between the international community and the Government of Somalia to build peace, stability and prosperity in our region. However the Somalia Conference was right to note that political progress remains the key to ensuring long-term stability for Somalia. We reiterate the importance of addressing the political independence of Somaliland, which will be an important part of making this pledge of political progress a reality.

In Somaliland we have held five separate elections in the past two decades, we have put in place functioning state institutions and we have been fully involved in international efforts to combat terrorism and piracy in the wider region. Yet these acknowledged successes and the meeting of criteria for statehood under international law have still not seen Somaliland recognized as an independent state. Building on the Ankara Communique, we look forward to continuing our dialogue with Somalia on a political settlement for Somaliland.”